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The Surreal World
Enter the bizarre world of flamboyant surrealist painter Salvador Dali at The Salvador Dali Museum. Come face to face with the dreamlike imagery of the famous melting watches, anatomical anomalies and photographic precision of the late renowned artist. This 2,800 square foot structure holds the largest permanent collection of Dali's works in the United States. 95 oil paintings, including masterpieces like the 9 foot tall "The Hallucinogenic Toreador", provide you one of the quickest ways to get a reality check.
Feather Boas Optional
Get a taste of old tinsel town glam at the historic movie palace, Tampa Theater. Go for a foreign, classic or indie flick, grab a seat and listen to the pipe organ playing, then watch it descend (yes, you read correctly) into the stage's floor before the movie begins. The arquitecturally stunning theater has clouds drifting slowly across its "sky", transporting patrons into a romantic courtyard with statues of Greek and Roman mythological figures and gargoyles. To add to the whole Hollywood drama, the gaudy, over-the-top theater also comes with its own ghost, as many claim to have seen Foster Finley, the theatre's projectionist for 20 years, making guest appearances.
To Dive For
You've been thinking about it and your friends are willing to pay you if you do it. So, take the money and run to Skydive City, one of the world's premiere drop zones. Skydive City caters to seasoned skydivers and first-timers from all over the world. In as little as 30 minutes, you'll be fully trained to experience a 60-second free fall at 120 MPH from a Twin Otter aircraft 13,500 feet up followed by a five to six minute canopy ride down. Skydive City also offers one of the finest AFF programs where skydiving students go through seven levels of free fall training and learn the flying and safety skills needed to be a competent skydiver. Your friends will forever respect you.

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