JetBlue allows name corrections under our name correction policy found here. Changes to customer names that do not meet our name correction policy are considered a name change. Once a PNR has been ticketed, name changes are not permitted on the PNR. However JetBlue will allow you to use the ticket for another customer provided you book a new PNR, charge the increase in fare and charge the appropriate change fees at the time of the exchange.

In order to do a name change the following criteria must be met


In order to change the name, thus making the ticket transferrable, you must follow these instructions:

  1. Cancel the segments in the current PNR & leave the ticket open.
  2. Book a new PNR for the new customer and store a current selling fare.
  3. Use the open ticket and process a voluntary exchange/reissue on that ticket.
  4. Collect the applicable change penalty fee and any difference in fare at the time of reissue.

A waiver code is not required for this type of transaction so long as all fees and increases in fare are collected.

Failure to follow the guidelines above will result in a debit memo. (NOTE: BSP Agencies are NOT to collect the change fee as a DU tax, as this will result in a debit memo.)