A credit card chargeback occurs after a cardholder initiates a merchant dispute with their issuing bank, the issuing bank will then charge back the transaction being disputed to JetBlue and the cardholder's account is credited. JetBlue will make every effort to avoid chargebacks by providing documentation to the issuing bank that the customer did in fact travel on their ticketed itinerary; however, if we are unsuccessful, a debit memo may be issued to the travel agency that issued the ticket.

JetBlue recommends that travel agents follow the below guidelines when processing credit card transactions.

Disclosure of Terms and Conditions

Documentation requirements

Step #1
Follow the instructions and procedures contained in Section 8.0 and 8.2 of this Handbook.


Step #2
Validate the credit card expiration date and effective date. Most credit cards will show an expiration date, which is usually located on the face of the card below the credit card account number. When the expiration date has passed, the credit card may not be accepted. Likewise, some credit cards will show an effective date. As with the expiration date, this too will usually be located on the face of the card below the credit card account number. Credit cards may not be accepted prior to their effective date.

Airline "On-Line" Card Exception to Step 2
The American Airlines Personal Credit Card (AA) does not have expiration and effective dates.

Step #3
Complete at least one of the following procedures. Be careful to note exceptions since the applicability of each procedure may vary by credit card company. 3(a) - Manual Credit Card Imprint & Cardholder Signature Obtain and enter on the credit card charge form a complete and legible manual imprint of the credit card, as well as the cardholder’s signature. The credit card charge form must be physically imprinted and signed in the issuing agency. Compare the signature on the charge form to that which is on the signature panel of the credit card and verify that the two are reasonably similar. Signed and imprinted charge forms should be retained on file for a period of at least two years from the ending date of the sale report period during which the transaction occurred.

Note: Copies of credit cards (front/back) or copies of passports or other identification do not act as substitutes for a signed imprinted Universal Credit Card Charge Form.