Jetting to Green - What You Can Do

What You Can Do: Reduce, Volunteer, Educate.

Carbon Offsetting & Alternatives

We understand that changing your life for the good of the environment can seem challenging. It doesn't have to be. If we all offset or pledge to do One Thing That's Green to reduce our carbon footprint, together we'll make a big difference.

Your carbon footprint is a measure of the greenhouse gas emissions produced from your daily activities, including the energy used to heat your home, make your clothes and food, and fuel your car and air travel.

The average American is responsible for more than 50,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year. That's about 140 pounds a day!

Here are two ways you can reduce your carbon footprint.

1. Offset your lifestyle today
Through our partner, you can calculate your carbon footprint and offset it by contributing to greenhouse gas reduction projects.

JetBlue and are making it easy for you to help in the fight against climate change by balancing out the emissions created by your flight. You can help by supporting carbon reducing projects, such as a reforestation project in Louisiana and a wind farm in Texas.

Click here to learn more and to offset your travel.

2. Find alternatives to reduce your carbon footprint
Spend a few minutes with Earthlab to find out what your carbon footprint and to learn the types of changes you can make in your home, commute, travel, workplace and lifestyle to reduce your footprint. Remember, it's about doing One Thing That's Green.

Click here to go the Earthlab calculator.